Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Desember Doos

I was driving on the N1 south from Centurion part Midrand in the fast lane and this guy swerved infront of me doing 110 km/h.

I had to slam on my breaks not to hit him from behind and flashed at him to make way or to speed up a bit. He ignored me flat and later on started making gestures and flipping me off with the middle finger.

After a few minutes he eventually got out of the way and carried on being childish by giving hand signs and swearing at me. He then speeded of and was doing between 180 – 200km/h.

Eventually I caught up with him when he slowed down to take the Allandale off-ramp and took his picture.

The typical symptoms of an angry individual trying to make someone’s drive to work unpleasant in the morning.

Dis nou wat gebeur. Maak my skiem die "Think Bike" campaign is 'n klom kak.

Date: 24/12/2010

Time: 09:15am

Make / Model: BMW MotorCycle

Number Plate: ZKN085GP

Driver: Male

Shot Riaan

Onthou maats, as iemand soos 'n poes parkeer, is die kans groot dat hy soos een sal bestuur ook...